Special Meeting Notices

Upon occasion Groups have to temporarily change the location of the meeting or even cancel a meeting on a certain day.  Use this link to check if the meeting that you want to attend has posted an announcement that they want you to know about.

WSO Searchable List

This is a link to the World Service Organization’s (WSO) up-to-date meetings.

Printable List

Use this link if you wish to have a pdf document that you can download and/or print to take with you. The printable list is updated periodically and is not as up-to-date as the WSO Searchable List.

Virtual Meetings

The World Service Office of Al-Anon maintains a list of virtual meetings.  Use this link if you are unable to attend a meeting in person.  With these meetings you can attend through your computer or via telephone.

Answering Service

New Hampshire Al-Anon has engaged the services of a professional answering service to provide meeting information.  The people answering the phone have access to our meeting listing and can provide you the information available about meetings that interest you.  If requested it may be possible to speak to a New Hampshire Al-Anon member.  The operator will take the caller’s name and phone number and will try to find a member that is available to return the call.

New Hampshire Answering Service: 603-369-6930

Meeting Add/Change Request

Are you starting a new meeting or want to change information about your meeting in the New Hampshire Al-Anon meeting lists?  Use this form to send the required information to the Group Records Coordinator.  A copy of the submitted request will be sent to the email address that you provide.