Group Records Form

Need to add a New Group?

Please read the New Group Registration Instructions before requesting your group be added to the Al-anon group records.  When ready, add your group at New Al-anon Group Registration.

Need to Change Your Group’s Information?

Please read the Instructions for Group Records Changes before making your changes.  When ready, complete the Group Records Change Form.

Tips to Help You Submit Your Group Changes

  • Do you need your District Number? See our interactive NH Map. Hover over your meeting’s town and the District number will be provided.
  • Find your group’s WSO Id Number here.
  • Please notify the Web Coordinator through our Contact Form if your meeting duration appears as one-hour on the meeting list, but it is actually shorter or longer than one hour (i.e. 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM).
  • Please notify the Group Records Coordinator through our Contact Form if, in addition to having a Group Representative (GR), your group also has an Alternate Group Representative (Alt-GR).  GRs are updated through the Group Records Change Form.  Alt-GRs are updated through the Contact Form.