What does it cost?

There are no fees or charges to attend Al-Anon meetings.  Al-Anon depends upon voluntary contributions to keep meetings running.  Groups pass a basket for voluntary contributions. Members are asked to contribute what they can afford, so that the group can pay rent, provide literature, and offer support for outreach efforts.

Do I have to register for meetings?

There is no registration process to attend Al-Anon meetings.  Find an appropriate meeting on the meeting list that is convenient for you.  Then show up at the time and location listed.  Let the people in attendance know that you are attending your first meeting.  They should welcome you and provide you with a package of information that you can take home with you to read at your leisure.

Do I have to say anything at a meeting?

You can choose to speak or not.  If during the course of the meeting you are moved to speak, you are welcome to do so.  If you want to just listen to others that’s fine too.

Is Al-Anon a religious program?

While many meetings are held in the facilities of religious organizations, Al-Anon has no affiliation with these organizations.  People of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to attend Al-Anon meetings.  Al-Anon, however, is a spiritual program.  The program encourages us to find a power greater than ourselves.  But we are each free to define that power for our self.

What is a Closed meeting?

A Closed meeting is restricted.  It is requested that only people who have family members or friends with a drinking problem attend these meetings.  If this doesn’t describe you but you are interested in attending an Al-Anon meeting, please choose a meeting that is not identified as a Closed meeting.

Can anyone attend Al-Anon meetings?

Yes, but there are restrictions.

Closed Al-Anon meetings are restricted to people who have family or friend(s) that have a drinking problem.

Alateen meetings are restricted to teenagers who have family or friend(s) that have a drinking problem.

Open Al-Anon meetings are open to anyone interested in Al-Anon.  If you are required to attend meetings for educational purposes or are just curious about how the program works, please attend meetings that are 1) not designated as Closed and 2) not designated as Alateen.