Dreams do come true

Three years ago, I could barely say my dream aloud. Today, I’m living it. Back then, a friend asked me about my ideal job. I meekly squeaked out my answer: I wanted to pursue my passion at home while raising my children. At the time, it felt like a faraway dream. Growing up amid active alcoholism, I was used to keeping my focus on others and neglecting myself. I didn’t know what I enjoyed, what I was good at, or where I fit in.

Although my colleagues commended my smart, strategic mind, I spent almost a decade in a dead-end job at an organization I didn’t respect. I certainly hadn’t applied my smarts and strategic skills to my own life. Instead, I naively hoped my dream job would miraculously come to me. I also felt paralyzed by fear.

Thank goodness for Al‑Anon. Over the past three years, I have worked my program with my Sponsor as my guide. Like adventurous archeologists, we have excavated the real me and uncovered my natural talents. Now, I respect and honor my abilities, taking time each day to hone my craft. By mapping out a rational plan and diligently working away at it, I have reached my dream. I feel exhilarated! A friend put it best: Dreams without action are just fantasy. I feel so grateful for Al‑Anon’s gentle encouragement to finally choose to take steps toward my dreams rather than continue to fantasize.


By Lisa G., Ontario
The Forum, August 2016