We traded sadness and despair for peace and hope

My husband and I first stepped into the room of an Al‑Anon meeting just over a year ago. We were greeted by friendly people and felt a small glimmer of hope. In spite of the chaos of our home situation with an alcoholic daughter and the racing of our minds trying to find solutions to our problem, we felt a palpable sense of warmth and acceptance. Here was a safe place among people who understood the impact the disease of alcoholism has on a family. We couldn’t help but notice the peace and serenity on the faces of some of the longtime members of the group, and wondered if it was even possible to attain that kind of joy in our own lives.

A year filled with some major challenges and small victories has passed. Time and working the program really have made a huge difference. The one thing I have noticed is that all newcomers attending our meeting initially carry the same air of dejection and sadness about them. I remember well, and identify with the desperation of trying to find hope in the midst of an overwhelming situation, as my husband and I were in that place ourselves.

As we have had the opportunity to meet with some of these newcomers and share our own personal, ongoing journey of recovery, we have realized that peace and hope have replaced the desperation in our own lives. We have grown. Working the program, meditation, application of the Al‑Anon daily readers, and surrendering to the God of our understanding have all been key elements in our recovery.

We have discovered the truth that no situation is hopeless. Joy and serenity are possible,  “One Day at a Time.”


By Nikki H., Ontario
The Forum, February 2016